Family History Photo Activities

These simple family history photo activities will bring ancestors alive for kids so they feel like real people to them.

photo album with pictures of ancestors
ancestor heart photo garland in bookshelf

Ancestor Heart Garland

Celebrate the love of all the people made you YOU with this adorable heart garland. And of course I will share an easy way to find photos of your ancestors!

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Compare A Face

Do you look like your ancestors? Check out this fun app that will show you exactly how much you look like each of your ancestors.

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Ancestor Photo Cards displayed with text for Pinterest Pin

Ancestor Photo Cards

Ancestor cards make a great game and double as a fun photo album. Learn how to make your own set with this tutorial- it’s super easy and you can do it right on your phone!

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tracing fun with a light box and how to find ancestor photos

DIY Light box

Check out this dollar store hack and get your very own portable DIY light box. Why do you need a light box? Read on, my friend.

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Photo fun with watercolors and how to find ancestor photos

Watercolor Photos

Looking for fun ways to get kids interested in family stories? This fun activity will help kids connect with their ancestors and the stories that bring them to life. Looking for photos of your ancestors? We’ll show you how to do that too!

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Tips for Labeling Photos Like a Pro

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to your story… is it really? Find out how to make sure your photos live on and remain valuable to future generations with these tips for labeling old (and new) photos.

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