girl tracing heart outline on family photos

How to Print Perfectly Sized Photos, The Easy Way

Photos are a wonderful way to bring family connections into your home. Our love story activity kit has all the supplies to make a garland for your ancestors, but it can be really fun to add some photos to it! In fact, the heart template included in the kit is clear for this very purpose. Here is the easiest way to get the perfectly sized photo to fit in the template for your garland. Best of all, there is no measuring and you will only have to print once!

You can add as many photos as you want to the same page. Just add the next image and drag the photo until it also fits the way you want it to in the template. This same technic can be used for lettering if you’d like to use fancy print to add names on your garland.

Once you’ve printed your photos, just trace the heart outline on your photos and cut out. We’d love to see your creations, so tag us on Instagram if you use this technique! For more fun activities to build connection in your home, check out our activity kits full of games, crafts, and more. Each kit is designed to strengthen kids as they learn more about their family and create fun memories!

girl holding up heart photo garland