How to view all family photos in familysearch video tutorial

How to Quickly Find Photos of your Ancestors in FamilySearch

Have you ever wondered how to easily find photos of your ancestors without having to click through lots of profiles in FamilySearch? Here’s a quick and easy way to find photos and all the memories uploaded about your ancestors, including documents, stories, and/or audio files! The first part of the video shows you the picture view of what you’ve uploaded and at 1:20 it will show you how to find everything that everyone in FamilySearch has added about your ancestors.

This method is how my kids chose photos for our water color project and our ancestor tracings. You can also use this trick to find photos of your ancestors for an ancestor garland. Photos are so much fun to play with! If you want to frame your child’s artwork or get photos a certain size for a special project, check out this excellent tip for getting the perfect photo size on the first print!

If you don’t have a FamilySearch account, head to to sign up for a FREE account!

*A huge thank you to Robert Parkinson who added this photo to FamilySearch. This is my great great grandmother Millie May Neal holding her son Golden circa 1907.*

Art Projects Using Ancestor Photos

You can use your new found photos for these fun projects and more! We’d love to see what you’ve created with your ancestor photos over on Instagram

Games Using Ancestor Photos

My kids love playing Memory with family photos. Here’s how you can make your own ancestor cards.

Once you have your own ancestor photo cards, you can play Guess Who by setting all the cards out and choosing an ancestor. You child will ask you yes and no questions until they figure out the relative you are thinking of.

You can also play Don’t Eat Pete with your photo cards. If you’re not familiar with the game, here are some simple instructions. Instead of using the game board, you just set out your ancestor cards in the grid pattern.

Photos are a treasure, and I love that people can share them so easily on FamilySearch! If you’d like to learn how to preserve your photos, you’ll want to check out how easy it is to upload photos to FamilySearch

*This article was originally published 19 September 2019, and was recently updated to include new projects on the blog so you can have more fun with your photos!*