Ancestor Photo Album

Ancestor Photo Albums

My kids love this photo album of their ancestors – each ancestor has their name and relationship to my kids on it. Fun fact: there’s actually two photos in each slot so the kids can take them out and play a memory matching game with them. It’s one of their favorite Sunday activities. Want to make your own? You can find a quick tutorial here for the ancestor cards (side note: it’s super easy and on your phone so you can do it on the go when you have a few spare minutes!) Need photos? I’ve got you covered! Check out this tutorial for finding photos of your ancestors.

The flexible photo album is from the dollar store (I just took out the tacky looking cover and replaced it with something more my style). I got my cover photo from and she has quite a few different free temple printables you can choose from. Tip: right click on image and select “save as” since the download link seems to be broken. The resolution will work perfectly for a 4×6 print. This is the Portland temple because that is where my husband and I were married. Sweet, huh?

If you make one, don’t forget to tag us on social media. My kids and I love to see what you’re doing!

Update: I decided to make another album cover for those who may not want a temple. I don’t know how to have you download it here, plus they always put those darn ads that look like you’re supposed to click them to download! Safest way is for me to email it and it’ll come straight to you! 

Ancestor Photo Album Cover