Compare A Face

Did you know there’s a fun family history app that can figure out who you look like in your family tree? The “Compare a Face” activity in the FamilySearch app will scan your face, compare it with photos of your ancestors, and show you how much you look like each of them. I love how after you view your number one match, you can select any photo in your tree and see how much you look like them. This only works if you have photos uploaded in FamilySearch – the more you have, the more fun this is! You can easily upload photos from your desktop or from your phone. Have fun discovering who you look like and learning more about them through this fun app!

Having a hard time viewing this video? Here’s a direct link to view it on YouTube.

Interested in another fun family history app? Check out how to see yourself in the clothes your ancestors wore! You can learn all sorts of things in the Heritage Photos activity in the FamilySearch app.

Which ancestors do you look like? Find out with this fun app.