Family History Resource Guide

Family History Activity Guide

Kids find strength in knowing about their family, and this resource guide has everything you need to get started including free printables and super easy activity ideas to engage your kids in exploring their family history!

Ancestor Heart Garland

ancestor heart photo garland in bookshelf

Celebrate the love of all the people made you YOU with this adorable heart garland. And of course I will share an easy way to find photos of your ancestors!

Which Historic Events Shaped the Lives of Your Ancestors?

What Shaped Your Ancestor? Music, cost of living, inventions, movies, books, world events

Have you ever wondered what historic events and inventions happened during the lives of your ancestors? Good news! I have three ways to easily see an overview of what happened during the life or your ancestor. This is a very fun way to see exactly what your ancestor may have been excited to go watch, read, or otherwise talk about.

Clues in Census Records

clues in census records

Have you ever wondered what your ancestor’s daily life was like? Read on to find all the clues awaiting you about your family in census records!

How to use Ancestor Event Notifications

Ancestor birthday and anniversary text notifications from FamilySearch

Genealogy can be a fun way to start conversations that help you connect with your family! Learn three ways ancestor event notifications can lead to new family history discoveries and help you connect with living relatives. Build your family tree with these three quick and easy activities!

Compare A Face

Do you look like your ancestors? Check out this fun app that will show you exactly how much you look like each of your ancestors.

How to Find Missing Children


Have you ever wondered if there are missing children in your family tree? Check out this tutorial for an easy way to find possible missing children in records!