Ancestor birthday and anniversary text notifications from FamilySearch

How to use Ancestor Event Notifications

FamilySearch has an awesome way to help you connect with your ancestors and learn about special events in your family’s history. You can sign up to receive a notification on each day there is a special event in your family history. Once you’ve signed up, try one or all of these fun ways you can use the notifications to discover new things about your ancestors and connect with living relatives.

Use them as conversation starters at the dinner table. Tell your family whose event happened that day and share one memory about that person. If you didn’t know that ancestor, share a fact from their life or check out a timeline of world events that happened during that person’s lifetime.

Send a group text out to family members, and share a memory or fact about that person. Encourage others to share what they know also. This is a simple way to collect stories about your family, and if you uncover a new story you can add it as a memory to FamilySearch to preserve it for your other family members to discover.,

Share the event on social media so family members can honor and remember loved ones together. This is a great way to share and gather stories and memories.

Have fun with these super easy ways to learn more about your ancestors. These connections keep their stories alive and build strength in you as their stories become part of your story. If you have other ideas on how to use these notifications to connect with your story, please share with us on social media!