How to Find your Pioneer Ancestors

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Want to learn how to find your pioneer ancestors? It’s easy to find your pioneer ancestors who were children, traveled by sea, lived in Nauvoo, came on the Mayflower, and more!

5 Summer Family History Activities You Need to Try

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It hardly takes any prep work to make campfires a super fun and memorable way for kids to connect with their roots! Each of these summer family history activities has one or more ways to help your kids connect with their ancestors. Pick and choose which activities you think your kids will enjoy based on […]

How to Explore Your Female Ancestors, Women of Faith

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Have you ever wished it was easier to learn more about your female ancestors? Learn three simple ways to explore the women in your family tree and a free template for you to make a printable honoring your female ancestors!

5 Places Your Kid Should Search for Family Clues

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Family History is fun detective work! Here are 5 places every kid should explore when trying to learn more about their family history. Includes tips and how you can get your very own detective kit!