How to Find Missing Children

One of my greatest joys is finding a child that belongs to a family, especially when the family looks complete. It is such a sweet feeling to know that I am connecting mothers with children! My favorite way to find these missing children is to search with a spousal relationship. Children who died as an infant were rarely included in census records along with their families, and this search method allows us to find them.

This method of searching also yields marriage and death records which have helped me discover additional unknown spouses who didn’t come up in my searches because the wife wasn’t using her maiden name. So check out this tutorial and give it a shot even if (and maybe especially if) you think your tree is done! I can’t tell you how many additional people I’ve found this way because we have access to so many more records now than our relatives did back when they “did it all.” Don’t forget to tag me on social media with what you find – I love seeing your success!

*I’ve noticed this video is hard to view from the website on mobile devices. If it’s too small, here’s the video on youtube.*