Ancestor Birthday and Anniversary Calendar Notifications from FamilySearch

Ancestors’ Birthdays and Anniversaries

How cool would it be if you could get a notification on your phone every time you reached a significant date in your family’s history? Good news, you can! It’s like “this day in history,” but customized to your family!

It’s super easy to sign up. Just follow this link to FamilySearch, sign in, and click on “get reminders,” as shown on the screen below. It’s that easy!

FamilySearch sign up for messages about your ancestors' birthdays, anniversaries, and key moments on Facebook Messenger.

If you don’t want notifications but are still interested in the significant events of your family’s history, you can view a calendar of births, deaths, and anniversaries by following the same link above. Have fun discovering more about your ancestors and the important events in their lives with these notifications!

Check out this post for three ways these notifications can lead to more discoveries and help connect your family!