Family Detective Notebook free printable cover and questions insert to help kids connect with family members

How to Make Exploring Your Family Fun for Kids

Being a detective is super fun and this notebook makes it easy for kids to connect and get to know family members. You can do this when you gather as an extended family or you can work on it over time by calling or hopping on zoom calls with other families! If you decide to call relatives on the phone, here are some tips for recording phone calls – it makes it much easier to go back and get your info and it preserves those good stories that might come out.

We made several of these notebooks for our living family members, but this could easily be adapted for ancestors as well. The concept is that each person in the family has a page dedicated to them. I like to organize by family unit starting with a page for each parent, followed by a page for each child and their spouse if there are any. As kids learn new things about each family member, they document their findings in this notebook by writing or drawing their discoveries. 

You can make these notebooks as simple or as elaborate as you want. You could even print some photos and glue them on the pages. Have fun with this and show us your notebooks – we’d love to highlight you on Instagram (my kids love seeing others doing the same things they are)!

If your kids enjoy playing detective and/or collecting information about family members, they will love our Detective Kits! They can continue this activity by collecting fingerprints with the ink pads and relative profile profile cards included in the kit. They will have lots of fun exploring all the included activities to help them make memories and connect with their living family members and ancestors. Grab a kit and let the exploring continue!

Free Family Detective Notebook printables that help kids connect with family (the fun way)

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