Compare A Face

Do you look like your ancestors? Check out this fun app that will show you exactly how much you look like each of your ancestors.

Recording Stories

There is something magical about hearing someone tell a story! Learn how to capture your family memories through audio recordings with this quick and easy video tutorial.

How to Find Missing Children


Have you ever wondered if there are missing children in your family tree? Check out this tutorial for an easy way to find possible missing children in records!

Ancestor Photo Cards

Ancestor Photo Cards displayed with text for Pinterest Pin

Ancestor cards make a great game and double as a fun photo album. Learn how to make your own set with this tutorial- it’s super easy and you can do it right on your phone!

How to add Stories to FamilySearch

how to add stories to familysearch

Are you looking for a way to preserve your family’s stories? Learn how to bring your ancestors alive by recording the stories of their lives with this simple tutorial.

Watercolor Photos

Photo fun with watercolors and how to find ancestor photos

Looking for fun ways to get kids interested in family stories? This fun activity will help kids connect with their ancestors and the stories that bring them to life. Looking for photos of your ancestors? We’ll show you how to do that too!