how to add stories to familysearch

How to add Stories to FamilySearch

Stories bring life and meaning to all the names, dates, and things we have collected about our ancestors. I recently went through my hope chest and there were all these amazing things in there that my mother had saved for me over the years. I couldn’t help but look at some items with puzzlement and wonder, “What’s this? Whose was it?” Without a story to go with these things, they were just…things. Even a name to go with them would have made them special to me; to know that it belonged to someone I knew and loved. But without that connection, there was no value to me. Here is a super easy way to upload photos of your heirlooms with a story, or if you don’t have photos to add you can just add a good family story!

If you have a large family history book, consider breaking them into manageable stories (details here). If typing isn’t your thing, here is a tutorial on how to add audio stories.

*If you’re having trouble watching this video on the website, you can find it here on YouTube.*