Recording Stories

There is something magical about hearing someone tell a story! Learn how to capture your family memories through audio recordings with this quick and easy video tutorial.

Ancestor Photo Albums

Ancestor Photo Album

Who is this and how are we related? Check out this super easy and fun way to view photos of your ancestors!

Ancestor Photo Cards

Ancestor Photo Cards displayed with text for Pinterest Pin

Ancestor cards make a great game and double as a fun photo album. Learn how to make your own set with this tutorial- it’s super easy and you can do it right on your phone!

How to Record Phone Calls

Favorite app for recording phone calls

Want an easy way to record your conversations when interviewing family members over the phone? Read on for my favorite app and tips for a good recording.

8 Tips for Calling Relatives

Calling Relatives Made Easy, 8 tips for a smooth interview

Have you ever called a relative for information on your family tree? Here are 8 tips and tricks for making the most of that phone call!

How to add Stories to FamilySearch

how to add stories to familysearch

Are you looking for a way to preserve your family’s stories? Learn how to bring your ancestors alive by recording the stories of their lives with this simple tutorial.

DIY Light box

tracing fun with a light box and how to find ancestor photos

Check out this dollar store hack and get your very own portable DIY light box. Why do you need a light box? Read on, my friend.