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Detective Kit Activity Box


This kit will get your kids excited to discover the family stories that are hiding all around them! See full description for all the fun items included in this box!

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This kit comes with a small magnifying glass to help kids unearth clues, a top secret notepad to record their findings, and an invisible ink pen with a black light. Watch their creativity unfold as they design their own puzzle and have fun helping family members put it back together. The kit also contains a small ink pad they can take with them to capture thumbprints and stories of living relatives (5 relative profile cards are included in the kit, and a free download for unlimited copies is available with the kit purchase). An activity guide is included so you can sit back and enjoy watching them have fun making their own discoveries.  This kit will help your child make meaningful memories and develop relationships with their living relatives while they connect with the generations that came before them.

Psst…have more than one kid but don’t want to pay for two kits? We have the perfect add on that will keep kids from fighting over the goodies in this kit!