Thanksgiving Memories Printable styled with Pumpkins

How to Preserve Your Thanksgiving Memories

Each Thanksgiving we have the opportunity to reflect on what we are grateful for, and each year brings it’s own set of struggles and blessings that can become treasured memories. But I’ve never met a kid who sits and reflects on those blessings without a fun activity or worksheet to get them started. You could do some elaborate Pinterest worth activity, or you could print off one of these pages and hand them a pack of colored pencils. And before you accuse me of being lazy or being Pinterest Hater (I happen to LOVE Pinterest), I would just like to point out that sometimes it’s nice to have a quick and easy alternative or addition to easily keep track of memories and traditions.

So this year while the kids are waiting for pie (okay, we are all waiting for the pie), whip out these fun sheets with some colored pencils and let them have at it! Who knows, maybe you’ll just start a tradition and pull them out each year to remember all the things you’ve had to be grateful for throughout your life. Yes, there were things to be grateful for even in the year 2020. Happy Thanksgiving friends!

Update: We also have a free Christmas Memories Printable!