Summer Memory Pack

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Capture your child’s best summer memories with this 24 page printable Summer Memory Pack! Fun prompts, drawing spaces, and activity trackers make this a perfect keepsake! Designed to save summer vacation memories, daytrips, or any fun activity your child wants to remember from this summer.


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Save all your child’s interests and summer memories from their point of view in this Summer Memory Pack!

Vacation Memory Pages Designed to help kids remember:

  • Where you went and when
  • Your favorite souvenir (this doesn’t have to be purchased – could be as simple as a shell on the beach!)
  • How you traveled
  • Where you slept
  • What the weather was like
  • What you ate (and where you ate it!)
  • How you felt on this trip
  • Something you learned
  • What you’d like to remember
  • Your favorite memory
  • A place to draw or journal for seven days of vacation

Summer Memory Page is perfect for:

  • Daytrips
  • Playdates
  • Activities
  • Outings with grandparents
  • ANYTHING fun you do this summer!

Activity trackers

These fun activity trackers serve as boredom busters, and save all of your child’s interests that are unique to them at this age!

  • Books they read
  • Walks they take
  • Jokes they hear and/or tell
  • Foods they make or help prepare
  • How much money they earn, and how they earn it
  • Movies/shows they watch (you can even designate this for specific categories like documentaries or classic black and whites)
  • New things they try or learn (this can be in general, or set up for specific interests: what new things I learned about animals, new sports I tried, etc)
  • Games they play (can be any game indoor or outdoor, as long as it’s with another person)!


This summer memory pack will be so fun to look at and capture this summer, because kids grow too fast – your child will have different thoughts, feelings, and interests next summer!

Available as 8.5 x 11 pages and as 4×6 pages so they can easily be stored in a small photo album if desired.

*This is a digital product that will be available for download following your purchase. No physical product will be mailed.*

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