So who is this lady who thinks she can make family history simple and fun? I’m Jessica! A busy mom of four amazing kids, the oldest of which has recently moved out. Needless to say, I am realizing more than ever the need to make the most of each moment with my kids and help strengthen them however I can. As moms, we want to build strong connections with our kids while we make fun memories together, and if we can build their strength and courage at the same time it’s a big win! Kids who know their family history have a clear advantage in life, but traditional genealogy can seem pretty dull to kids (and many adults!) And that’s how Treasured Families was born. Busy moms don’t need any more stress or guilt in their lives, so I’ve made it easy to help kids learn their family history in unique ways that feel like they’re just having fun. I’m on a mission to help you make fun memories and build strong family connections that will help your kids be confident in who they are. I hope you find lots of inspiration here to grow closer to your family as you have fun building memories through our printables!