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Ditch the overwhelm of confusing genealogy

fun & simple family history disguised as games, art, and printables

What's in a Kit?

Each activity kit comes with a variety of crafts, games, and activities that are designed to help kids connect to their roots. A set of unique printables is also included in every activity kit so kids can record all the fun discoveries they make about their family!

kids playing a game from an activity kit

Build Connection

We live in a world that makes it too easy to plug into a screen, so we’ve made sure there are several activity ideas in each kit to help kids connect with family members near and far.  Visit our resources section in the to find even more ways you can use your activity kits to connect with family.

Keepsake Memory Printables

Create Memories

The memories kids make with family members as they play, craft, and discover their family history will last long after they are done with their activity kits!

Each kit comes with a unique set of keepsake printables that kids can collect to record their very own family discoveries! Each printable is professionally printed on high quality cardstock designed to fit perfectly inside our keepsake albums so your kids can gather comfort and strength from family anytime they want to.

Girl and boy doing a craft project from the activity kit

Spark Creativity

Each kit has a craft that inspires kids to express something about their family history. Whether it’s making a  garland or designing their own puzzle, your child will have fun learning and creatively telling the stories of their family!

Why Family History?

Less Anxiety

Studies show that kids who know their family history deal with stress better and are more resilient.

More Confidence

Kids who know their family history have higher self-esteem and feel they have a greater sense of control over their lives.


Our activity kits are designed to strengthen family relationships and create fun memories!

Other benefits of family history include learning compassion & selflessness, higher quality friendships, and fewer behavioral problems.

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